Pedal Power For Bike Co-ops In Trouble

Bike Church logo, sign, and location.Here’s a searchable directory of bike co-ops from They even had an exhibit in Las Vegas at the bicycle industry’s trade show, Interbike.

One of the listings led me to the following about a Bike Over Borders conflict:

“. . .we learned first hand that the policies of “free trade” are made for corporations, not for small non-profit groups and people. At the border, we were asked to pay 700 dollars in import taxes to get the bikes across the border. Although the bikes were not for sale, we had to be creative in order to cross the bikes into Mexico without paying unaffordable taxes.”

The Bike Church at UC Davis is dealing with eviction from their dome in the sustainable research area. Keep up to date at the Bike Church website and Facebook page.

And here’s some discussion about donor receipts and bike sales in DC relating to Velocipede in Baltimore.

Finally, a YouTube video about mechanical and electric power from a pedal in place exercise bike. From TeeterTalk‘s description:

“The two belt-driven pulleys power either a laundry spinner for water extraction or an electric generator.”

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