Tidal Power Record Breaking Milestone

SeaGen concept illustration.BBC reports that the SeaGen tidal power generation project has reached its full power goal in a system test on December 18th. A Belfast Telegraph article headline proudly proclaims its local achievement “Northern Ireland tidal turbine breaks world energy record”.

Also, a front page item on Digg links to a CleanTechnica blog post titled “SeaGen Shatters Tidal Power Generation Record.”

Quoting BBC’s article “Tidal energy system on full power”:

“The turbine has the capacity to generate power to meet the average electricity needs of around 1000 homes.”

“Martin Wright, managing director of SeaGen developers, Marine Current Turbines, said that having the system generating at full power was an important milestone.”

“”It demonstrates, for the first time, the commercial potential of tidal energy as a viable alternative source of renewable energy,” he said.”

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