Make Your Own Detergent: “Laundry Gloop”

Laundry gloop stirred while heated.From the UK’s Isle of Wight comes this Ventnor Permaculture post about making your own Laundry Gloop. The author, Angie, explains why in this excerpt:

“. . .laundry products are often the worst in health terms as they are in constant contact with your skin. I have been making and using Laundry Gloop for years as I am allergic to all forms of fragrance, it is considerably cheaper than fragrance free detergent and just as effective.”

She describes how to make it in a pan able to hold over 5 liters and also how to make it by the pint.

You can make liquid detergent or laundry powder where only a tablespoon or two of the final product is used depending on how dirty the load is.

As a bonus, a cheap and ready to use fragrance free alternative fabric conditioner is identified:

“. . .use a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar - no you won’t smell like a chip shop! Once your clothes are dry there is no smell of vinegar. You will also be doing your washing machine a favour and making it last longer as the vinegar dissolves lime scale. If you want your clothes to smell you can always add a couple of drops of essential oils to the vinegar.”

There are handy links to resources about toxic scents, eco cleaning, allergies and asthma, too.

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