Waste Coffee Grounds Turned Into Biodiesel

Coffee Biodiesel images.This Slashdot post links to an American Chemical Society article about a report by researchers here in Nevada, published in The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, about the impact of turning waste coffee grounds into biodiesel.

“The resulting coffee-based fuel — which actually smells like java — had a major advantage in being more stable than traditional biodiesel due to coffee’s high antioxidant content, the researchers say. Solids left over from the conversion can be converted to ethanol or used as compost, the report notes.”

The contact name for the report at the American Chemical Society, Michael Bernstein, is an odd coincidence, not to be confused with the author of The Zope Bible who is well known in Vegas science fiction fandom and who has even posted comments on this humble blog.

Wake up and pump the coffee! The old “high octane” vs. decaf joke begins to be literally true.

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