THIS May Lower The Conviction Rate

Hemp Car photo.There are advocates of hemp for biofuel, just as there are for tobacco.

That’s my excuse for including this anti-drug-war item on a permaculture blog. I’m also sick of seeing COPS style reality shows which glorify the destruction of our freedom. The latest atrocity is a new show called Heimatschutzministerium, or to translate from the German, Homeland Security.

A front page Digg item links to a Raw Story article about Kop Busters, a new TV show that exposes crooked cops who lie on affidavits and plant fake evidence.

Kop Busters producer Barry Cooper is a former Texas drug enforcer who got sick of illegal police tactics and wrote Never Get Busted Again.

Here’s a video clip from Barry’s YouTube channel about not getting raided even if you grow marijuana outdoors.

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