Recycled Rubber Meets The Road

Green Diamond Tire illustration.I’ve been on the road helping a friend move his stuff from the house he sold in Culver City, CA to his new home in Pahrump, NV. But while I haven’t posted here for a week, I have been taking notes about all things sustainable.

The first item is the most recent. During yesterday’s Ed Schultz radio show, during the recession fighting segment, a.k.a. Free-Plug Friday, an interesting business, Green Diamond Tire, caught my attention. Their enhanced recycled tires perform like snow tires without having to be changed with the seasons.

“Each Green Diamond Tire is an ingenious and technologically sophisticated remolded tire with thousands of diamond-hard silicium carbide granules embedded evenly throughout the tire’s tread.”

While professional packers were filling boxes for the move, I took time to attend LosCon, held at the LAX Marriott, and met up with fellow Nevadans from Las Vegas who are organizing the Xanadu convention to be held in April, 2009. I’ll be speaking at Xanadu on permaculture, biospheres in space, science fiction and speculative science fact topics, perhaps with video.

There were many room parties at LosCon after the formal programs hosted by other upcoming conventions, special interest groups, and publishing ventures. During a conversation in the ClonePod podcast room, about how they publish stories in audio format by Neil Gaiman and others, the producer mentioned a breakthrough in wave power she saw on the Huffington Post.

Finally, but not necessarily maintaining temporal cohesion, the friend who moved mentioned meeting someone involved with Sky Windpower on the road. Sky Windpower is an innovative helium filled kite-looking wind generation system that takes advantage of the greater wind speed at high altitude. They say their approach could turn out to be the cheapest renewable energy source.

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  1. Rich Says:

    J.Kent… thank you for the kind words and reference to our product, the Green Diamond Tire (GDT). The power of the blog and radio is remarkable! I am glad that there are smart folks out there that ‘get-it’. Please let me know if there may be questions regarding the GDT that you or your readers have. I am pleased to respond to all queries. Regards. Rich Gostenik / Owner (

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