Modern Victory Movement’s War Veggies

It’s harvest time!

One of Boing Boing editor Mark Frauenfelder’s recent posts about organic home gardens, War Vegetable Gardening, starts with the following review of a classic book with the same title and continues with an excerpt from the book.

“Daniel Bowman Simon of The Who Farm sent me a link to this scanned book: War Vegetable Gardening and the Home Storage of Vegetables by The National War Garden Commission from 1918. I skimmed it and it looks like it has a lot of useful information for today’s frontyard gardener.”

In the Permaculture YahooGroups category, the Modern Victory Movement group’s mission is to encourage and provide information to folks growing what used to be called Victory Gardens during stressful wartime conditions. The Dervais family does this on only a tenth of an acre in a city.

The MVM group discusses all things relating to self-reliance, in addition to exchanging edible plant gardening experiences. Here’s an informative energy resource index in a message posted by Tim Gamble, the group’s founder.

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