A Dozen Tips For Raising Chickens

Backyard Poultry turkey cover 2008.While following a link about growing your own chicken feed at A Homesteading Neophyte blog, I found a reference to Backyard Poultry Mag in the comments.

The latest issue caught my eye with an article titled “One Dozen Tips and Tricks to Simplify Poultry Keeping” by Gail Damerow, with information about things to do for the health and safety of the chickens, saving time processing and preserving eggs and meat.

The tips are about nest liners, keeping pullets out of nests, hanging feeder lids, feed storage, strip curtains, brooder bottoms, waterer brush, feather catchers, no more plucking, storing eggs, screen doors, and decorative feather bouquets. Each of these topics are covered in some detail along with a list of published books written by the author, Gail Damerow.

My only quibble with these excellent manipulations of chicken psychology is that I’d use material other than PVC for a strip curtain.

[Update: While searching around, I found the following recent blog post titled “10-things-i-have-learned-about-chickens.”]

One Response to “A Dozen Tips For Raising Chickens”

  1. Tom M Says:

    Thanks for the links. All of those things are important and learned over time. Raising Chickens is all about getting out there and doing what feels right.

    It is one of the most rewarding hobbies and it provides both hours of enjoyment and a great source of food. I love Back Yard Poultry magazine and I appreciate the update of the tips.

    I also love the blog, keep up the good work!

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