“Open Source Ecology” Ongoing Activity

Open Source EcologyThe OpenFarmTech.org site has an active community applying the open source ideas from computer technology to off grid homesteading and local farming.

The OpenFarmTech.org folks are as enthusiastic about small scale cheap (and ultimately free) automation like RepRap “Wealth Without Money” ideals as I am, except they are actually deploying RepRap and other doodads applied to building a homestead and living on an organic farm.

Read all about it and see photos or watch videos of their ongoing progress at their blog.

My favorite page is their “marketing brochure.” (Work in progress draft version). Excerpt:

“So, you want to build a village?”

“Does a 2 hour work day sound good to you? Are you tired of pushing paper or making money for somebody else, so you only have weekends and rare moments to spare?”

“What if you could eliminate all bureaucracy in your life, your costly car mechanic, your housing costs, your personal financial contribution to war? Here’s a formula. Be self-sufficient. Make enough money to live the finest life, but still not enough to pay for your oppression. Gather a few of your friends, get yourself a 5 acre suburban plot, install your Fab Lab, plant your orchard, and build a house with greenhouse.”

“Advanced greenhouse, orchard, a couple lactating animals, fishpond, chickens, and you’ve got 100% food need covered. Add a microcombine, and you’ve got some grains.”

“Flex Fab lab, with computer and open source software and blueprints, and you fabricate your own car, tractor, and other tech toys you like. Now they are fully under your control.”

“The solar turbine feeds energy to your new stronghold of peace, with a few days storage if the sun doesn’t shine. The sun sends you no bills. But you might have to plant a fuel crop, or go to a local restaurant for waste oil, on extremely cold days.”

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