BSL at KHC on WFB, ACC, and RWR

Brad Linaweaver, Karl Hess Club, 4-21-2008Although Brad Linaweaver is an agnostic libertarian science fiction Hollywood screenwriter who, except for a brief period following 9-11, has opposed U.S. military adventurism most of his life. Brad nonetheless maintained a correspondence and friendship with Catholic conservative icon William F. Buckley, Jr. for over thirty years.

WFB turned against the current neocon adventure in Iraq perhaps as early as 2004, and certainly before Brad did in 2006. Buckley was not an orthodox libertarian, but he eventually opposed the War on Drugs, the Draft and the neocons.

Brad described how Buckley gave Ronald Reagan a copy of an early article against socialism written by Brad when he was in YAF at college. Reagan liked it so much that he read it on his radio show after his term as Governor of California and before getting elected POTUS. Reagan’s favorable comments about the piece included the phrase: “How right he is.”

MP3 (Just over an hour)

In addition to recounting his years with the late WFB, Brad also spoke about correspondence in 2001 from Arthur C. Clarke about an article Brad had published about 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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