Go Green, Live Rich to be released tomorrow

David Bach usually writes bestselling financial improvement books for the Oprah crowd. His latest book, Go Green, Live Rich, available April 8, is another in that series, but this time the method of living rich is by going green. By accident he moved into a new green building complex to be near his children in New York after 9-11, and found that his utilities were cut in half, his asthma went away, and many other benefits. This caused him to research green alternative products and led him to conclude that their benefits did not come from a higher price tag. Going green is the financially savvy way to go.

A long audio interview with Bach is conducted by marketing guru Alex Mandossian at GoGreenBookTour.com.

A short video of the author is available at Amazon, as well as more blurbs from impressive sources. Here are a few:

“Great news: there is no green premium! By demonstrating how going green can fit any budget, David Bach shows that good environmental and financial decisions go hand-in-hand. Bach’s Go Green, Live Rich gives great tips, useful to everyone, about how to save money and the planet at once.”
- Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

“Yet another powerful reason to go green! Thankfully for our species, going green can also mean saving some green. Go Green, Live Rich shows you exactly how a lot of small steps added together can change your life in more ways than one.”
- Graham Hill, TreeHugger.com and PlanetGreen.com

“I LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. This is just what the world needs. Not a bunch of touchy feely, mumbo jumbo, but real world solutions that show why going green is just plain smart. Fantastic.”
- Steve Fleischli, President, Waterkeeper Alliance

“David Bach has done it again! As a green affordable housing developer, I enthusiastically recommend Go Green, Live Rich! Packed with tips and tools, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to make their home–and their life–more eco-friendly.”
- Josh Lockwood, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity — New York City

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