Guerrilla Gardening in Vancouver, BC

Al 'Bokashiman' of Vancouver Guerrilla GardenersAl “Bokashiman” sent me a more direct link to The Vancouver Guerrilla Gardeners Meetup Group.

On their description page, an elegant statement from the Toronto Public Space Committee is quoted:

“Without permit or license, we plant seeds and seedlings in all those neglected corners of public space. Join us as we vandalise the city with nature!”

Al also said that my obsession with pepper (he volunteered cayenne if I must have it) as a seedball ingredient would likely be more trouble handling than any insect and bird repellent effect it may have.

Perhaps he’ll send the definitive seedball planting “recipe” used in Vancouver. I’ll post it as soon as it comes in.

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  1. Al Says:

    Hi Kent,

    As mentioned above, here is a slightly edited version of what I wrote you in my email:

    The seed ball has bird protection already built into the design. Birds can’t get at the seeds as they are encased in the clay and plants will only be seen after they have sprouted.

    I suppose you could add Capsicum/Cayenne Pepper to the mix but that would add a hassle factor to making the seed balls. The pepper dust will get on your hands, in your eyes and nose as you are mixing it all up. Not fun.

    Plants have evolved to ‘know’ the odds are stacked against them, that’s why the produce so many seeds. Seed balls provide an extra protection to get them off to a good start. Nothing more is required.



    P.S. Thanks for opening up the comments without having to login.:-)

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