Guerrilla Gardening Group Seedballs

Heavy Petal's Andrea Bellamy and seedball makersGoogle Alerts sent me an email about the term “seedball” for the first time in months. In contrast, I get “permaculture” and “forest garden” alerts every day. For some reason, Google sent an archived message from Heavy Petal about “seedball progress” from a personal project by Heavy Petal’s Andrea Bellamy.

Searching through her site for the first time, I found interesting links to a legally challenged Guerrilla Gardening Granny and a Vancouver based Guerrilla Gardening Group.

I’ve been going nuts trying to find a seedball planting “recipe” that includes the insect and bird repellent properties of pepper, I think it was, that I’ve seen online, including Jim Bones’ non-functional site. I own the domain and will put something worthwhile there instead of the crazy opt-in box that’s not working right one of these days, Real Soon Now.

2 Responses to “Guerrilla Gardening Group Seedballs”

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    […] also said that my obsession with pepper (he volunteered cayenne if I must have it) as a seedball ingredient would likely be more trouble […]

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    […] organic compost and some ideas for which seeds to plant. Making seedballs is a method of planting that can be done indoors, then dried and thrown on the ground months later. But you don’t have to wait that […]

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