Greening the Sahara

I get Google Alerts for terms such as “forest garden,” “permaculture,” and “seedball.” Whenever one of those is in the news or on the blogs, I get email. It’s useful to keep track of events and avoid missing things.

After reading the mail, I found a cool thing from March, 2007. This Flash presentation, converted to a Quicktime for YouTube, is about Geoff Lawton’s success turning the hottest, saltiest part of the Sahara near the Dead Sea into productive land by using mulched swales, ground cover, and selecting trees intelligently.

The locals were amazed at how little water was needed to grow figs. They were also alarmed to see what they called “fungus” growing under the ground cover, since they had never seen mushrooms before.

Permaculture can fix the worst of the worst land.

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